Burrowing Owls Perched on Ground Near Burrow

Image: Burrowing Owls Perched on Ground Near Burrow

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Two burrowing owls perched on ground at Estancia La Graciela near the River Tebicuary, Paraguay. Paraguay is home to at least 589 breeding bird species and 120 migratory bird species. Breeding Status: Breeding permanent resident. Habitat: Grassland, Pasture, Campo Grassland. Estado de ocurrencia: Residente nidificante permanente. Hábitat: Pastizales naturales, Pastura implantada, Campos Cerrados. Near 26°34’52’’S, 56°49’18’’W. (Portion of text from: Guyra Paraguay 2004, Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Paraguay, Paraguay.)


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