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Chart of Dune Elevation Change for Collision, Overwash, and Inundation

Detailed Description

Normalized dune elevation change at the position of the pre-storm maximum dune elevation (Dhigh) as a function of extreme water level (Rhigh)/Dhigh for the (a) collision, (b) overwash, and (c) inundation regimes. Note that the x axis is not unique between the overwash and inundation regimes because the definition is dependent on mean water level (Rlow) rather than Rhigh. Circles correspond to extreme storm events: Nor'Ida (hollow circles), Hurricane Ivan at Santa Rosa Island, Florida (black), Hurricane Ivan at Dauphin Island, Alabama (red), Hurricane Katrina at Dauphin Island, Alabama, (blue), and Hurricane Ike at Bolivar Peninsula, Texas (grey).


Public Domain.