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Cinnabar Ore with Mercury Beads

Detailed Description

Cinnabar ore from Almadén mining district, Spain. Cinnabar (HgS, red mineral) is the dominant ore mineral at the Almadén mine, whereas elemental Hg (Hg0, gray beads) is abundant locally.


Public Domain.

Gray and others, 2004.
Gray, J.E., Hines. M.E., Higueras, P.L., Adatto, I., and Lasorsa, B.K., 2004, Mercury Speciation and Microbial Transformations in Mine Wastes, Stream Sediments, and Surface Waters at the Almadén Mining District, Spain: Environmental Science and Technology, 38 (16), p. 4285-4292, doi:10.1021/es040359d.