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Current Thermal Infrared Image at Neversink River at Claryville, New York (01435000)

August 2022 (approx.)
Thermal infrared image of Neversink river indicating current relative temperatures of surfaces
Note: Image comes from an external source

Detailed Description

A thermal infrared camera was installed by the USGS New York Water Science Center to monitor temperature on the surface of the Neversink River at Claryville, New York. This camera was installed at USGS streamgage site 01435000 to enable USGS to better understand groundwater discharge into the River over time. This page displays the most recent image from the thermal infrared camera. Thermal infrared images from this camera can be viewed and downloaded from the USGS Hydrologic Imagery Visualization and Information System (HIVIS) web site.


Public Domain.

This image is dynamically served from the USGS Hydrologic Imagery Visualization and Information System.

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