Epicenter maps of Tonga Trench earthquake

Varioust views of the location of the epicenter of an earthquake in the ocean, and the terrain.

Detailed Description

Map and perspective view of the Tonga Trench near the earthquake epicenter. Shaded relief bathymetry generated from multibeam data available from the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) (Survey KIWI11RR, Chief Scientist Nancy Kanjorski, see the multibeam report) and Oregon State University (courtesy Professor Dawn Wright), along with ETOPO-1 bathymetry data (view the ETOPO-1 data sources). The vertical exaggeration of the perspective view is 4x. Approximate location of epicenter (surface projection of earthquake’s origin) shown by orange circle.


Image Dimensions: 1523 x 1240

Location Taken: US