Example of the Landsat Burned Area Science Product

Example of the Landsat Burned Area Science Product

Detailed Description

Example of the Landsat Burned Area Science Product. This graphic shows the Landsat Surface Reflectance and Burned Area science products for tile h12v06 for September 6, 2000. The images show the Jasper Fire in the Black Hills of South Dakota

Data Set AttributeAttribute Value
Tile IdentifierLT05_CU_012006_20000906_20190115_C01_V01
Acquisition Date2000/09/06
Tile Grid RegionCU
Tile Grid Horizontal12
Tile Grid Vertical6
Tile Production Date2019/01/15
Cloud Cover6.7142
Cloud Shadow4.6867
Snow Ice0
Fill (No Data)66.5514
Spacecraft IdentifierLANDSAT_5
Sensor IdentifierTM
Scene Count2
Map ProjectionAEA
ARD Version01
Level-1 Collection Number01
UL Corner Lat43°02'07.61"N
UL Corner Long103°37'00.26"W
UR Corner Lat44°29'46.48"N
UR Corner Long103°37'00.26"W
LR Corner Lat44°29'46.48"N
LR Corner Long105°38'57.33"W
LL Corner Lat43°02'07.61"N
LL Corner Long105°38'57.33"W
UL Corner Lat dec43.0354463379
UL Corner Long dec-103.616739096
UR Corner Lat dec44.4962454099
UR Corner Long dec-103.616739096
LR Corner Lat dec44.4962454099
LR Corner Long dec-105.649257532
LL Corner Lat dec43.0354463379
LL Corner Long dec-105.649257532


Image Dimensions: 405 x 495

Date Taken:

Location Taken: Custer, SD, US


Michelle A. Bouchard