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Example of Less Banding in Landsat 9 Aquatic Reflectance

Detailed Description

These images show the lessening banding in Landsat 9 Level-2 Aquatic Reflectance Band 1 (Coastal Aerosol) for a pair of scenes acquired during the Landsat 8 / Landsat 9 underfly in November 2021. The left image is Landsat 8 Aquatic Reflectance; the middle image is Landsat 9 prior to calibration updates, and the right image is the Landsat 9 after the calibration update that was implemented into Landsat 9 Level-1 processing in early 2023. 

Visit the Landsat 9 OLI and TIRS Calibration Notices webpage for more details about this update. 


Public Domain.