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Future Flooding Impacts from Projected Coral Reef Degradation in FL, 1

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Report Summary

Future Flooding Impacts from Projected Coral Reef Degradation in Florida

Projected future degradation of reef natural infrastructure puts U.S. people and property at significant risk of future flooding.

Key Points

  • Florida’s coral reefs are dying and eroding with losses in living corals and reef height.
  • Living reefs reduce flooding through friction and wave breaking. When reefs get deeper due to sea-level rise and smoother due to erosion, onshore flooding increases.
  • Previously published studies project additional future reef loss based on the current rates of degradation from erosion.
  • By 2100, the size of the 100-year floodplain is projected to increase by 16% from reef loss alone.
  • Future flood risk from Florida reef degradation is projected to increase by $820 million annually.

The future loss of reefs will increase flood risk in Florida. The map displays the projected loss in height of reefs (blue) off Miami by 2100 based on current rates of degradation. The 100-year floodplain would increase substantially (orange) based on this reef loss alone. Increases in sea level, storms, population, and development would add further risk.

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