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Geologic Map - St. Francois Mountains Terrane

Detailed Description

Simplified regional geologic map of Mesoproterozoic rocks in St. Francois Mountains terrane, showing distribution of volcanic and intrusive rocks, caldera boundaries, and mineral deposits and prospects. Modified from Kisvarsanyi (1981). From Day and others, 2016, doi:10.2113/econgeo.111.8.1825.


Public Domain.

Day and others, 2016, doi:10.2113/econgeo.111.8.1825.
Day, W.C., Slack, J.F., Ayuso, R.A., and Seeger, C.M., 2016, Regional Geologic and Petrologic Framework for Iron Oxide ± Apatite ± Rare Earth Element and Iron Oxide Copper-Gold Deposits of the Mesoproterozoic St. Francois Mountains Terrane, Southeast Missouri, USA: Economic Geology, 111(8), p. 1825–1858, doi:10.2113/econgeo.111.8.1825.