Geophysical surveys along the Queen Charlotte-Fairweather fault

Map shows land and undersea features along the Alaskan coast, and the lines where geophysical surveys have been run.

Detailed Description

Recent geophysical surveys provided high-resolution seafloor depth data for the northernmost undersea portion of the Queen Charlotte–Fairweather fault (area outlined in red). The colored seafloor relief represents multibeam echo sounder data acquired along the continental shelf and slope in 2015 and 2016; the gray seafloor relief in deeper water west of the fault was acquired by the University of New Hampshire in 2005. Black boxes are locations of depth imagery shown in other figures in the Eos article. Purple lines represent high-resolution seismic reflection profiles that were acquired in 2016 aboard the R/V Norseman. One such profile (green line) is shown in the Eos article. AMT represents the Alaska-Aleutian megathrust, and ME indicates Mount Edgecumbe.


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Location Taken: US