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GFSAD30 Figure 3

Detailed Description

Hyperspectral signature bank of world’s major crops. The initial goal of a global cropland monitoring system should consist of developing hyperspectral signature bank of major world crops (e.g., this figure) along with crop phonologies (e.g., Figure 4) in order to: (a) establish improved models of crop biophysical and biochemical quantities, (b) increase crop classification accuracies, and (c) produce accurate crop and water productivity models. The six leading world crops (Table 1) cover 64% of the global cropland areas. Sample hyperspectral signatures of these six World crops are illustrated in the figure. The background image is irrigated and rainfed croplands of the world (Thenkabail et al., 2009a, 2009b, 2011).


Courtesy: Dr. Prasad Thenkabail