Mammoth tusk found on Santa Rosa Island, California

Mammoth tusk found on Santa Rosa Island, Calofornia

Detailed Description

Mammoth (likely the pygmy mammoth, Mammuthus exilis) tusk reworked into marine terrace deposits dated to the ~80,000 year high-sea stand, Santa Rosa Island, California. These are the oldest reliably dated mammoth remains in Channel Islands National Park (Muhs, D.R., Simmons, K.R., Groves, L.T., McGeehin, J.P., Schumann, R.R., Agenbroad, L.D., 2015, Late Quaternary sea-level history and the antiquity of mammoths (Mammuthus exilis and Mammuthus columbi), Channel Islands National Park, California, USA: Quaternary Research, v. 83, p. 502-521).


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