Marine terrace on Santa Rosa Island, California

Marine terrace on Santa Rosa Island

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Foreground shows grass-covered surface of the marine terrace dated to the ~120,000 year high sea stand, Santa Rosa Island, California, and indicates a relatively low uplift rate for this part of the island. Flat surface above this on the skyline is the outer edge of an older terrace, which amino acid ratios suggest is likely of mid-Pleistocene age or older. Channel Islands National Park, California (Muhs, D.R., Simmons, K.R., Schumann, R.R., Groves, L.T., DeVogel, S.B., Minor, S.A., Laurel, D., 2014, Coastal tectonics on the eastern margin of the Pacific Rim: Late Quaternary sea-level history and uplift rates, Channel Islands National Park, California, USA: Quaternary Science Reviews, v. 105, p. 209-238).


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