Orthophotomosaic image, north coast of Barter Island, July 1, 2014

A photo from the sky of a coastline showing areas of sediment and water as well as land features like roads.

Detailed Description

Aerial photographs were collected from a small, fixed-wing aircraft over the coast of Barter Island, Alaska on July 01 2014, September 07 2014. Precise aircraft position information and structure-from-motion photogrammetric methods were combined to derive a high-resolution orthophotomosaic. This orthophotomosaic contain 3-band, 8-bit, unsigned raster data (red/green/blue; file format-GeoTIFF) with a ground sample distance (GSD) resolution of 19 cm. The file employs Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) compression. This orthophotomosaic was shifted (registered) to coincide with surveyed ground control points relative to the WGS84 datum.


Image Dimensions: 3153 x 590

Date Taken:

Location Taken: AK, US


Gibbs, A.E., Nolan, M., and Snyder, A.G., USGS 2019


USGS Data Release
Orthophotomosaic image (natural color) of the north coast of Barter Island, Alaska acquired on July 01 2014