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Overview of Taan Fiord

Detailed Description

Overview of Taan Fiord. Inset showing location of Taan Fiord, Alaska in Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve. Taan Fiord is about 100 km from the nearest town, Yakutat, AK. Landsat 8 image of Taan Fiord acquired in 2016. Vegetation loss is clear near the water line. The evacuated subaerial landslide area and runout are visible to the left of the fjord head. Approximately 90% of the landslide entered the fjord, generating a tsunami. The other ~10% of slide material ran out on the Tyndall Glacier at the top of the image. Basemap is a spring 2016 Landsat 8 Image. Inset image is a spring 2015 Worldview Image.


Public Domain.