Peccary Skull and Ranch Foreman in Pantanal

Image: Peccary Skull and Ranch Foreman in Pantanal

Detailed Description

Adult white-lipped peccary skull. The foreman is wearing the local version of a fanny-pack around his neck. Seasonally flooded palm savannah and cleared landing strip near the Rio Negro river. Located near RAMSAR site and Rio Negro National Park in the Pantanal ecoregion, near the border between Paraguay and Bolivia. This region, situated in the extreme northeastern corner of western Paraguay and extending south along the Paraguay river forms a southern extension to the primarily Brazilian Pantanal. It is typified by medium-height subhumid forests, wetlands and periodically flooded forests. Near 19°55’S, 58°35’W. (Portion of text from: Guyra Paraguay 2004, Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Paraguay, Paraguay.)


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