Peru tsunami aftermath and research team

Two photographs together, one shows ruined buildings with lots of sand and the other shows 10 men standing together smiling.

Detailed Description

Top photo, ruined buildings in Peru's  La Punta District.

Bottom photo, members of the Peru Tsunami Sediment Survey (from left to right): Robert Peters, University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC); Percy Colque Riega, University of San Agustin, Peru; Matt Swensson, University of Southern California (USC); Luis Bernales Anticona, la Dirección de Hidrografía y Navegación de la Marina de Guerra del Perú (DHN); Roberto Anima, USGS; Dave Rubin, USGS; Daniel Olcese, DHN; Instituto Geofísico del Perú (IGP); Bruce Jaffe, USGS; and Guy Gelfenbaum, USGS.


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Location Taken: US