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Projected Change in Habitat

Detailed Description

Projected change in habitat. Change in potential spring (breeding) habitat from 2018 to 2068 under five restoration scenarios of sagebrush-steppe vegetation growth and cover change at three greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) Priority Area for Conservation landscapes in the Great Basin (Klamath Oregon/California, 658 km2; NW-Interior Nevada, 1504 km2; Strawberry Utah, 1308 km2). Change was the difference between habitat classes in 2018 vs. 2068, divided by initial 2018 habitat class. Spring habitat was based on sagebrush (Sage) and perennial grass (PG) component cover values and defined as: suitable (15–25% Sage; ≥10–15% PG), marginally suitable (5–15% or >25% Sage; 5–15% PG), and unsuitable (<5% Sage; <5% PG). MY is multi-year post-fire treatment response duration. (Figure 10 in Using state-and-transition simulation models to scope post-fire success in restoring greater sage-grouse habitat from ecological modelling).


Public Domain.