Region 8: Lower Colorado Basin

Region 8: Lower Colorado Basin

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  • The reorganization of DOI from 49 regions across 8 bureaus to 12 unified Interior Regions is complete. Unified Interior Region boundaries - based on watersheds but generally drawn along state lines to simplify coordination with external partners - became final on August 22, 2018

  • Bureaus have amended their Department Manual chapters to officially align their regional/office boundaries with the Interior Region boundaries

  • This crosswalk of bureau regions with Interior Regions will help you identify which Interior Region you are in, and who your bureau regional executive (e.g., regional or state director) is

  • Reorganizing from 49 regions across 8 bureaus to 12 Unified Regions adds greater efficiency, accountability, collaboration and consistency across our bureaus

  • Reorganization will make joint problem-solving and improved coordination between our bureaus and local partners easier, improving the experience for the customer, whether that is a government agency, permit seeker, or landowner


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