Relative changes in shoreline erosion and accretion magnitudes

A 4 by 4 grid of plotted data to show changing shoreline change given different types of shorelines versus morphological params.

Detailed Description

Relative changes in shoreline erosion/accretion magnitudes with morphological parameter (x-axes) and SLR (y-axes) for the oblique island. Rows describe (1) seaward, (2) lagoon, (3) leeward island end, and (4) windward island end shorelines; columns denote morphological parameters (A) island width, (B) reef flat width, (C) reef flat depth, and (D) atoll diameter. Red indicates net erosion and blue net accretion, with increasing color intensity indicating greater magnitude. The color ramp is linear, but absolute magnitudes are unlisted to address only relative changes.


Image Dimensions: 3093 x 2461

Location Taken: US