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San Andreas Fault - Shaded relief image showing location of shoreline

Detailed Description

Shaded relief image showing location of shoreline (purple line at outer edge of yellow shaded area) at 30 m lower than present. Sea level was lower than 30 m for about 85% of the last 100,000 yr, during which time the Tomales–Bodega valley (in orange) was an ∼50‐km‐long and 1–2‐km‐wide subaerial valley, separated from the Pacific Ocean by Point Reyes (PR) and the continuous, narrow Tomales–Bodega ridge between Bodega head (B) and Tomales Point (T). Blue lines show some drainages including RR; red dashed line shows NSAF northwest and southeast of the Tomales–Bodega Valley. Dark gray shows available high‐resolution bathymetry.


Image courtesy of Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America. 2019;109(3):833-854. doi:10.1785/0120180158