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Scenarios of habitat conservation for recovering monarch butterflies

Detailed Description

 More than 200 scenarios of habitat conservation for recovering monarch butterflies to levels sufficient for reducing risk of extinction were evaluated. These scenarios identified different levels of milkweed restoration needed to fulfill deficits in the amount of milkweed needed for restored populations of monarchs. Only a handful of scenarios satisfied the full amount of milkweed required, and all successful scenarios but one entailed participation from all sectors of society participating in monarch conservation, a "All Hands on Deck" approach. For more, see Thogmartin, W. E., L. López-Hoffman, J. Rohweder, J. Diffendorfer, R. Drum, D. Semmens, S. Black, I. Caldwell, D. Cotter, P. Drobney, L. L. Jackson, M. Gale, D. Helmers, S. Hilburger, E. Howard, K. Oberhauser, J. Pleasants, B. Semmens, O. Taylor, P. Ward, J. Weltzin, and R. Wiederholt. 2017. Restoring monarch butterfly habitat in the Midwestern U.S.: “All Hands on Deck”. Environmental Research Letters 12:074005.  


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