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Selenium in Ecosystems: Deformed Black-Necked Stilt Embryos

Detailed Description

Black-necked stilt embryos from nests at Kesterson Reservoir: (S-9) Eyes missing, severe exencephaly through orbits, lower beak curled, upper parts of legs shortened and twisted, and only one toe on each foot. (S-35) Eyes missing, encephalocele, upper beak elongated and eroded at nostrils, lower beak missing, legs missing, and only one (small) wing. (S-302) Eyes missing, upper beak curved, lower beck shortened and tip of lower beak “hooked”, hydrocephaly, edema in throat, legs twisted, and feet shortened with only one toe on each foot. (S-313) Normal. (Also see Press and Ohlendorf, 1987, Environmental Management, 11 (6):805-821).


Public Domain.