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Spearfish Creek at Spearfish, SD (USGS Streamgage 06431500)

Detailed Description

Gage house for Spearfish Creek at Spearfish, SD (USGS streamgage 06431500). This site was established as a U.S. Geological Survey streamgage on October 9, 1946, and is operated in cooperation with South Dakota Department of Natural Resources. Streamgages are visited by a USGS hydrologic technician on 6-week intervals throughout the year. The October or early November visit is

used to close out the water year that runs from September 30 to October 1, so this visit closed out the 2018 water year. This visit typically includes measuring the stream discharge, reading the gage height, cleaning of the outside staff and orifice, and making sure the equipment is ready for the winter (such as battery is good and solar panel clear) to ensure smooth operation over the winter months. This site visit was on October 2, 2018, and the streamflow was measured at 54.9 cubic feet per second. More information on this streamgage is available at 


Public Domain.