Total mercury (THg) concentrations quantified in hair of mammals

Chart showing mercury levels for many different types of mammals, with Suisun Marsh raccoons showing some of the highest values

Detailed Description

Total mercury (THg) concentrations quantified in hair of aquatic and terrestrial mammals (excluding bats and humans) from the literature, color coded by taxonomic similarity. The dashed horizontal lines are the mean values for raccoon (red) and striped skunk (navy blue) from Peterson et al. 2021 to provide easy comparison with other studies. Circles are means from each species and study and bars indicate the range of the data from a given species and study. When more than one mean hair THg concentration was provided in a study (for multiple sites or separately for males and females), all mean values are shown.

For more details and the original source of this figure, see:

Peterson, S. H., Ackerman, J. T., Hartman, C. A., Casazza, M. L., Feldheim, C. L., & Herzog, M. P. (2021). Mercury exposure in mammalian mesopredators inhabiting a brackish marsh. Environmental Pollution, 273, 115808.


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