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USGS scientists receive DOJ Certificates of Commendation

Detailed Description

Award recipients: Broad smiles celebrate the end of a decade of diligent, sometimes exhausting work on the hazardous-waste lawsuit "United States, et al., v. Montrose Chemical Corporation of California, et al." In this photo, Ellen Mahan(second from right, representing Acting Assistant Attorney General John C. Cruden of the Department of Justice) and Steve O'Rourke (far right, lead Department of Justice attorney in the trial) present Department of Justice Certificates of Commendation to USGS scientists who contributed to the lawsuit. The awards were presented in San Francisco on July 10th, 2001. From left to right are Brian Edwards, Florence Wong, Chris Sherwood, Marlene Noble, Monty Hampton, Homa Lee, Mahan, and O'Rourke. Rob Kayen, Michael Hamer, and Bob Eganhouse were unable to attend.


Public Domain.

Sound Waves Newsletter August 2001
Article by Florence Wong, Helen Gibbons, and Homa Lee, all USGS