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A video promoting the 1977 Pecora Symposium, from the EROS History Project.


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Length: 00:03:31

Location Taken: Sioux Falls, SD, US



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Within the short period of five years,
a new tool has evolved which is

providing petroleum explorationists
and other Earth scientists with

a new perspective of this planet.
This tool, called Landsat,

rapidly evolved under the auspices
of the federal government,

and its development was the personal
goal of the late Dr. William T. Pecora,

former Undersecretary of the Interior.
The Pecora Conference has been

arranged to commemorate Dr. Pecora’s
contributions to the development

of a national program for satellite
investigations of Earth resources.

This conference provides a forum
for the transfer of satellite data

from the research and development
community to the user community.

The Pecora Symposium,
which this year is sponsored by

the American Association
of Petroleum Geologists,

is designed to contribute remote
sensing information, which should be

valuable in petroleum and mineral
exploration of the present and the future.

The three-day meeting, to be
held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota,

October 30th through
November 2nd, will include tours

of the U.S. Geological Survey’s EROS
Data Center, which maintains archives of

worldwide satellite data coverage and
aircraft coverage of the United States.

The center also trains
geologists and other resource

and environmental scientists
in the use of satellite data.

Tours of the EROS Data Center will
include the data analysis laboratory,

where machine analysis of
Landsat data will be demonstrated.

Pecora III promises to be
a most important conference,

addressing itself to new and
innovative interpretations

of satellite data that will hopefully
assist Earth scientists and engineers

in discovering much-needed
petroleum and mineral reserves.