Bobcat Movement Patterns in Urban Southern California

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USGS biologists are using GPS technology to track carnivores as they cross the highways of urban Southern California. USGS Western Ecological Research Center biologists Erin Boydston and Lisa Lyren attached GPS tracking collars to wild bobcats to shed light on how these carnivores are using highway under-crossings to travel between habitats, and whether urban development in Los Angeles and Orange County landscapes is shifting wildlife behavior. GIS specialist Bill Perry explains in this Google Earth animation.


Team: William Perry, Robert Lugo

Relevance: Visualizions of wildlife use of highway undercrossings can illustrate road design principles for public officials and civil engineers.

Method: Google Earth

Start Year: 2010

End Year: 2011

Year Comp: 2011

Date Taken:

Length: 02:26:00

Location Taken: Los Angeles, CA, US