Capillary Action and Water

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This video discusses how adhesion and cohesion work together to create capillary action! There is an experiment at the end of the video to demonstrate this as well! If you would like to do the experiment with us you will need: 1) Coffee filter 2) Washable marker 3) Glass of water


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Today we’re going to learn about water properties and what happens when they work together. 

When adhesion and cohesion join forces they create Capillary Action! 

This is what we call water’s ability to move through the spaces of porous material. You will find these little spaces or pores between the solid parts of the material.  One example of this is a sponge. Keep in mind that some porous material have much smaller pores that are harder to see, such as paper. 

Water is able to move through a porous material when Adhesion is stronger than Cohesion. Remember, Adhesion is when water sticks to other things while Cohesion is when water sticks to itself. 

Capillary action is especially important for plants. The plant roots carry water from the soil up through the plant all the way to the topmost leaves! 

You will see this on a smaller scale in the following experiment. To do this experiment with us you will need a coffee filter, a washable marker, and a glass of water. 

As you can see the ink is carried with the water up the coffee filter…  

Capillary action can only take the water so is limited by gravity pulling against the water and the surface tension holding these molecules together preventing it from climbing higher.  

…and that’s the magic of capillary action. Thanks for watching!