Channel Islands: Ranching on Santa Rosa Island

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Remnants of former ranching enterprises, feral horses can still be found on Santa Rosa Island, part of the remote and hauntingly gorgeous Channel Islands National Park off the coast of Los Angeles. This small herd is just one of the many biological and cultural legacies of human habitation that National Park Service managers and USGS scientists have to keep in mind when restoring this island ecosystem after decades of human use.


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Location Taken: CA, US


When the ranches were ended on the islands
there were lots of things that remained fences,

houses roads stone walls all parts of the
ranching culture that are still on the islands

and another part of the ranching culture that
remains on Santa Rosa Island are the last

members of the island horse herds.

The ranches were run by cowboys who rode horseback
across the island.

They didn't use Jeeps or helicopters or anything
like that.

They pursued ranching the old-fashioned way
by riding horses.

They're the last remnant of the animals that
were really characteristic of the ranching

era out on islands, and we like to think of
them as being out there, happily living out

the rest of their days, up on Lobos Pasture,
on the top of Santa Rosa Island.