Image of the Week: Hurricane Harvey Flooding

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Hurricane Harvey dumped over 50 inches of rain near Houston, leaving extensive flooding throughout the area.

At the USGS EROS Center, we study land change, operate the Landsat satellites, and maintain the longest, continuously acquired collection of images of the Earth's land surface.

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Length: 00:00:54

Location Taken: TX, US


Widespread flooding overwhelmed
the gulf coast after hurricane Harvey.

Many waterways in southeastern
Texas exceeded flood stage

like the Brazos River, which
flows west of Houston

to the gulf at Freeport.
A USGS stream gage showed

that the river level normally
around 10 feet peaked at

over 52 feet on August 29th.
That was about 10 feet

above flood state. In this
image, the extent of flooding

on the landscape south of
Houston is clear. 

The Landsat 8 image shows
the area before the storm hit.

Landsat 7 passed over the
same area on September 5th

to show the Brazos River.
Landsat will continue to

monitor the flooding
caused by hurricane Harvey.