Image of the Week - Urban Growth in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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For over 45 years Landsat has been monitoring the earth. In that time Las Vegas, Nevada has seen incredible urban growth, as documented in images like these.

At the USGS EROS Center, we study land change, operate the Landsat satellites, and maintain the longest, continuously acquired collection of images of the Earth's land surface.

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Location Taken: Las Vegas, NV, US


Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the
fastest growing metropolitan areas

in the United States, has seen its
population expand from 273,000 in

1972 to 2.2 million in 2017.

Urban development appears as green
and purple in this series of

Landsat images. Since land covered
by man made asphalt, concrete,  and

rooftops , doesn’t let rain soak
into the ground, Landsat-based

mapping is valuable to show how
increased water runoff affects

groundwater quality, as well as to
show the pressure on resources

caused by rapidly increasing

Also visible in the 2018 image is

the Nevada Solar One farm. The
project covers 400 acres and

generates 64 megawatts of power for
14,000 homes.