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Lesson 4b - Downloading Maps and Data with The National Map Download Application

Video Transcript
Right-click and save to download

Detailed Description

In this lesson we will provide a brief introduction on how to use The National Map Download Application to download USGS maps and data. The TNM Download Application allows users to explore and access the USGS staged products available for download. Please note this video follows “Lesson 4a - Using The National Map Download Application.” If you are unfamiliar with the Download Application, please view Lesson 4a.


0:54 - Introduction

1:56 - Selecting “Maps”

3:03 - Viewing “Maps” search results

4:21 - Product metadata

4:52 - Managing the cart

5:13 - Exporting Results to CSV file

5:40 - Selecting “Datasets”

6:32 - Viewing “Datasets” search results

8:54 - Conclusion




Public Domain.