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Meet Science to Action Fellow Emily Nastase (AD)

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Detailed Description

Emily Nastase is a 2023 Science to Action Fellow based out of North Carolina State University. Her dissertation research focuses on the ecology and behaviors of the Henslow’s sparrow. With USGS mentor Adam Terando (Research Ecologist, Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Center), her Science to Action project adds an applied climate component to her research, helping managers at her field site understand how changing climate conditions may impact controlled burn conditions in the future.

The Science to Action Fellowship provides students with an opportunity to apply their science to real-world challenges. Over the course of the one-year fellowship, fellows work with mentors from the USGS Climate Adaptation Science Centers (CASCs) to develop a policy-relevant project related to climate change impacts and adaptation on fish, wildlife, landscapes, and communities. This work puts science into action, applying the fellow’s research directly to natural resource decision making. 

Learn more about Emily’s Science to Action project.

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