PubTalk 1/2005 — Deciphering an Estuarine Ecosystem

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Detailed Description

35 Years of San Francisco Bay Studies

By John Conomos, Scientist Emeritus


  • USGS research in the Bay system began in the 1960s with a search for underwater earthquake faults
  • In the 1970s, the research team expanded to cover studies of water properties and quality, water mixing and flow, and estuarine ecology
  • Early scientifc findings clashed with assumptions behind massive and unbridled modifcations of the Bay system and served to stimulate much public debate
  • The USGS Bay research program and its scientists became renowned-- they have set the standards for the study of estuaries
  • Thirty-five years of scientifc data and publications form a unique resource for decisions by legislators, planners, and coastalzone managers


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Length: 01:07:22

Location Taken: Menlo Park, CA, US


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