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The RAD (Resist-Accept-Direct) Climate Adaptation Framework

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Ecosystems are transforming under climate change, with substantial shifts in ecological processes (e.g. fire, landscape connectivity) and important ecosystem services (e.g. pollination, water filtration) occurring at unprecedented rates. As systems approach socio-economic and ecological thresholds, current management toolboxes have proved to be incomplete for conservation and the sustainable provision of ecosystem services, including fisheries production and the wildlife habitat. Multiple approaches are therefore needed to address the varying uncertainties we face in this increasingly non-stationary world.  

Managers navigating ecosystem transformation can benefit from considering broader objectives beyond a traditional focus on resisting ecosystem change, by also considering whether accepting change or directing it along a preferred pathway might be more appropriate. Join this webinar to learn more about the Resist-Accept-Direct (RAD) framework, a decision-making tool that helps resource managers make informed strategies for responding to ecological changes resulting from climate change. 




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