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Rockfall, Cliff Retreat in Yosemite Valley since Last Glacial Maximum

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The granitic cliffs of Yosemite Valley produce frequent rockfalls, modifying the landscape but also posing risk to park visitors. Analyses of terrestrial lidar and historical structure-from-motion photogrammetry data provide relatively precise short-term (approximately 40 years) rates of rockfall and cliff retreat. Those same data can also be used to estimate long-term (postglacial) rates through analysis of talus accumulation. Comparison of short- and long-term rates reveals complex spatial and temporal patterns of rockfall and provides a broader context for evaluating modern hazard conditions.

Stock G (2021) Pace of rockfalls and cliff retreat in Yosemite Valley since the Last Glacial Maximum. USGS Landslide Hazards Program Seminar Series, 27 October 2021.




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