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Sea-level Rise Scenario for San Francisco Bay Estuary - Petaluma Marsh

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Detailed Description

How will sea level rise impact coastal ecosystems like salt marshes? Will plant species change and shift available habitat for local wildlife? Or will the marsh be completely inundated? USGS scientists are conducting extensive elevation and habitat surveys along the U.S. Pacific Coast, and using the data to model sea level rise impact for the next 100 years. This research will help coastal planners visualize the threats to marsh habitat under current conditions, and work towards long-term management strategies. Learn more at the San Francisco Bay Sea Level Rise Project website.

This animation depicts projected sea-level rise at Laumeister Marsh. Dark blue represents mean high water level, light blue is mean sea level. The marsh platform is accreting a constant 1.9 mm/yr, sea level rises 0.4 m by 2050 and 1.0 meter by 2100.




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