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USGS EROS: Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence

Video Transcript
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Detailed Description

For 50 years, the people of EROS have overcome difficulties and celebrated triumphs together, always centered on providing a perspective of the Earth that helps us better understand its condition. This video, timed with the 50th anniversary celebration at EROS in August of 2023, explores the center's history.

00:00 Introduction

00:08 1966-1979 - How Sioux Falls Ingenuity Secured the Center

08:26 1980-1999 - Through Uncertainty to a Firm Footing

15:55 2000-2023 - Data & Science Surge




Public Domain.

Music tracks licensed via SoundStripe:

"Exploring the Unknown" by Adam Saban

"Pembrokeshire" by Cody Martin

"Rejuvination" by Cody Martin

"Eternal Mountain" by Lincoln Davis

"Forgetting" by Reveille

"The Captain" by Wicked Cinema