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July 8, 2024

Title: Blowing in the Wind (Or the Shipping Container): Airborne eDNA for Biosurveillance

Date:  July 124, 2024, from 2:00-2:30pm

Speaker: Stephen F. Spear, PhD, Research Biologist, USGS Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center

Summary: Environmental DNA has become a common biological monitoring strategy for aquatic environments, but detecting terrestrial species with eDNA is less developed and more of a challenge. Development of terrestrial eDNA would be useful for applications ranging from regular biodiversity monitoring to biosecurity surveillance of shipments. Recent studies have identified airborne eDNA (airDNA) as a promising method for detecting terrestrial species. One option is to leverage existing air quality sampling networks to collect airDNA as a measure of overall biodiversity. For more targeted approaches, airDNA samplers can be placed in enclosed environments such as shipping containers to detect invasive hitchhikers. We will discuss the promise of airDNA for biological monitoring and discuss an ongoing study by USGS researchers to detect invasive invertebrates in shipments between Pacific Islands. We will also describe how these airDNA collection protocols can be integrated into point of use DNA testing for immediate results in the field.

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