Office of the Delaware River Master

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In 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a Decree in State of New Jersey v. State of New York and City of New York in which the Court designated the position of the Delaware River Master.  The Court directed that the River Master perform multiple duties and functions in administering the Decree, including the conserving the waters of the river and the Delaware River watershed; compiling data on the parties’ water needs, and administering stream gages on the Delaware River and its tributaries.  The River Master was also directed to study the effects of development on the river and water supply and other uses. In addition, the River Master makes periodic reports to the Supreme Court.

Since 2007, the Decree Parties have unanimously agreed to a series of Flexible Flow Management Program agreements to better manage the shared waters of the Delaware River Basin. On October 21, 2017, the Parties to the Decree (DE, NJ, NY, NYC, PA) signed the 2017 Flexible Flow Management Program (FFMP2017).  FFMP2017 is a two-part, ten-year agreement, which guides the current operations of the ODRM.

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