Water-Quality Quick Links

Science Center Objects

Looking for data? Maps? Use the links below to quickly access some of the most frequently visited USGS web pages on water quality.

Collecting ecological samples near USGS streamgage

Barbara Mahler (USGS) collecting ecological samples near USGS streamgage for the Regional Stream Quality Assessment (RSQA). (Credit: Peter Van Metre, USGS)

Real-Time Water-Quality Data and Water-Quality Watch: Real-time surface-water quality data

Water-Quality Portal: Serving data collected by hundreds of  state, federal, tribal, and local agencies

Sediment Data Portal: Suspended-sediment data

Pesticide Use Maps and Data: Estimates of agricultural use of hundreds of pesticides

Health-Based Screening Levels (HBSLs): Drinking water HBSLs and MCLs for hundreds of contaminants

BioData: Access to aquatic biological community and physical habitat data 

National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Project: Gateway to information on national-scale water-quality science