U.S. Seismic Hazard Maps – Hawaii

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Seismic hazard maps for Hawaii.


Gridded seismic hazard cruve data, gridded ground motion data, mapped gridded ground motion values, and the seismicity catalog are available for the 1998 Hawaii Seismic Hazard Model. Probabilistic seismic hazard data and maps of Hawaii for peak ground acceleration (PGA) and 0.2, 0.3, and 1.0 second spectral acceleration at probability levels of 2 percent in 50 years (annual probability of 0.000404) and 10 percent in 50 years (annual probability of 0.0021), assuming firm rock soil conditions at 760 m/s, are available. Development of the 1998 Hawaii Seismic Hazard Model is documented in Seismic Hazard in Hawaii: High Rate of Large Earthquakes and Probabilistic Ground-Motion Maps.

This dataset is considered a legacy dataset. The original dataset was uploaded to the USGS website at the time of publication of the seismic hazard model (1998) but was later moved over the the USGS ScienceBase Catalog (2019). The original dataset was assumed to be complete and accurate, but may contain inconsistencies when compared to more recent, actively maintained datasets.