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Data Release for the 2021 Update of the U.S. National Seismic Hazard Model for Hawaii

December 7, 2021

The 2021 update of the U.S. National Seismic Hazard Model for Hawaii succeeds the twenty-year-old former model by incorporating new data and modeling techniques to improve the ground shaking forecasts. Output from the model includes probabilistic seismic hazard curves calculated for a 0.02° x 0.02° grid of latitude/longitude locations across Hawaii. The new model provides an expanded suite of hazard curves for twenty-three different ground motion intensity measures, including PGA, PGV, and spectral accelerations between 0.01 and 10 second, and for eight separate soil site classes (VS30 = 1500 m/sec to 150 m/sec), representing NEHRP site classes A/B to E. In addition, gridded uniform- hazard data are provided for 2 percent, 5 percent, and 10 percent probability of exceedance in 50 years for all of the ground motions and soil site classes previously mentioned. A set of the most frequently requested hazard maps and associated GIS data have been produced and are provided in this data release as well.

Additional maps and data portraying the chance of damaging earthquake shaking, comparison with the 2001 seismic hazard model, a research hazard model which incorporates declustered rate grids that are scaled to account for the total number of earthquakes in the full catalog, the seismicity catalogs used in the hazard model, and GPS velocity data and slip rates data on the décollements are also available for download.