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Bound to Make an Impact: Astro Employee Recognized for Photo Submission

June 25, 2020

Marc Hunter of the Astrogeology Science Center has been recognized for a photo of a Valles Marineras Tharsis color topographic map chosen to be included in the Plenary Session at the upcoming July 2020 Esri Federal GIS Conference.

Photo of Outreach Map at Astrogeology Science Center
Photo Credit: Marc Hunter. Vinyl mat, designed by Astrogeology Science Center employees Ryan Anderson and others, and made by Brumark. 

The photo will help Jack Dangermond, Esri's president, move the crowd of in excess of 5,000 GIS experts, including top delegates from government offices, get excited about geographic information system (GIS) technology. 

Marc’s photograph depicts a photo of Astrogeology's new 25’ mat, a tool for outreach, which visitors can walk on in Astrogeology Science Center’s ACE room.  As a teaching tool, the rug provides an opportunity to compare the size and scale of features with other features of Earth and other planets across the Solar System to get a sense of its physical characteristics. Getting that extra height, with use of a ladder, Marc made the overhead shot of the mat that displays many Martian features, including Valles Marineras, the largest of Mars’ magnificent canyons.   

When inquired as to why he decided to present this specific photo to the Plenary Session at the upcoming July 2020 Esri Federal GIS Conference, Marc stated, “Our AstroComm team has been exploring creative ways to engage with the public about planetary science, so maps are naturally a big part of that. Getting a hands-on (or feet-on) lesson in planetary geography is a great way to spark curiosity and understanding of a planet like Mars.” 

Marc Hunter's certificate for photo submission to GIS conference
Personalized certificate recognizing Marc for his contribution. 

“It's terrific that the photo will be featured at such a wide-reaching event,”  Marc said.

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