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Carolyn Shoemaker Turns 90 Years Young!

June 25, 2019

Carolyn Shoemaker celebrated her 90th birthday on June 24th at Little America Flagstaff with friends

and retirees from the Astrogeology Science Center, Lowell Observatory and other organizations.

Friends celebrate Carolyn Shoemaker's 90th birthday.
Friends celebrate Carolyn Shoemaker's 90th birthday. Photo Credit: Kevin Schindler


This celebration of Carolyn’s special day, organized by Ken (Astrogeology) and Lottie Herkenhoff,

was an honor to attend. Carolyn discovered over 500 asteroids and 32 comets — more comets

than any other living astronomer — including Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with David Levy and her

late husband, Eugene Shoemaker (the founder of Astrogeology). She has inspired generations

of female scientists yet remains modest and soft-spoken. 


Carolyn was severely wounded in a head-on car collision in Australia on July 18, 1997, and escaped

the clutches of death, but sadly lost Eugene. Monday was a miraculous celebration of her 90th

birthday, with a delicious lunch, and Carolyn blew out the 90th birthday candle in one blow

suggesting that her birthday wishes will come true. The celebration was fun and Carolyn was

grateful to all who attended.