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September 7, 2021

The National CASC Chief, a Northeast CASC-supported program, and a South Central CASC Tribal Liaison were among those recognized by the 2021 Climate Adaptation Leadership Awards given by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.

The Climate Adaptation Leadership Award (CALA), established in 2016 to recognize exemplary leadership in the field of climate adaptation and the protection of the Nation’s vital natural resources and the people who depend on them in a changing world. The National CASC Chief, a Northeast CASC-supported program, and a South Central CASC-affiliate were among those recognized by the 2021 CALA presented by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) in the following categories:

Federal Category: The National CASC Chief Douglas Beard was awarded for his work with the National and Regional CASCs to help wildlife managers adapt to climate change. In the tribute video that was sent to AFWA, Robin O’Malley (former CASC Policy and Partnership Coordinator) also noted that since its inception in 2008, Doug grew the CASC program from a 5-person entity to one that now has approximately 40 employees, 20+ student contractors, interns, and Fellows and a $45M budget; in addition, Doug is the President of the World Fisheries Congress and represents the US Government on the Western Europe and other Governments Bureau of the Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.

Broad Partnerships Category: The Northeast CASC-supported Northeast Regional Invasive Species & Climate Change Management Network (NE RISCC) was recognized for creating a working group that combines climate and invasive species scientists with invasive species managers and policy makers from the northeast to build a stronger network that facilitates opportunities for communication and cooperation between stakeholders, including through the co-production of knowledge. NE RISCC exemplifies how to engage stakeholders on important topics related to climate adaptation, create, and expand networks of managers, scientists, and citizens, and to effect important change in a sustainable fashion.

Individual Achievement Category (honorable mention): South Central CASC Tribal Liaison April Taylor, member and employee of the Chickasaw Nation, also recieved an honorable mention for her work with Tribal communities across the South Central region, mentoring of Tribal student interns, as well as providing continuous support to the BIA Tribal Resilience Liaisons associated with other CASCs in the network.

View the original press release from the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, here.

The full list of 2021 CALA awardees is available here.

Watch the ceremony recording, here.

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