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Dr. Burkett Presents and Leads Seismology Tour for InSight Educators

Dr. Burkett Presents and Leads Seismology Tour for InSight Educators

On July 2nd, Erin Burkett presented as part of a training program for InSight (Interior exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy, and Heat Transport), a NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Discovery Program mission engaging science educators in the "Vital Signs of the Planet" Professional Development Program Erin led a tour of the Caltech Seismological Lab's Earthquake Exhibit, using demo seismometers and a displayed sample cross-section of the San Andreas fault to explain how seismometers work and how information gathered through geologic field work is pulled together to understand earthquakes. Erin also provided background on seismological networks, earthquake early warning developments, and resources available through the USGS and Caltech partners.

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