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Employee Spotlight - Shannon Beliew

February 14, 2020

This quarter's Employee Spotlight is Shannon Beliew, Data Management Specialist located at USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center.

This article is part of the 2020 Patuxent Science & News Volume 5 Issue 1 Newsletter

Shannon Beliew with puppy, Buttercup
Shannon Beliew with puppy, Buttercup, in a field of buttercups. (Public domain.)

Shannon started at Patuxent in 2009 as a volunteer with the North American Bird Phenology Program. In 2010, Shannon became a contract employee working for the Bird Banding Laboratory, where she helped prepare paper records for digitizing, and then was hired as a contract employee as the Director’s Office Receptionist. In 2011, she went back to school for her Master of Science in Environmental Sciences and Policy at Johns Hopkins University and became a Student employee, continuing to work as a Receptionist until graduating in 2012 and was hired as a Biologist.  Since becoming a Biologist, she has taken on a lot of different duties. She is the Center’s Librarian, Data Steward, Web Content Manager, Graphics Designer, Communications Specialist, Science Records Manager, IPDS Steward, O365 Guide and the Information Specialist.  She enjoys working in ArcGIS, Tableau, SQL, and learning new software. USGS Staff Profile