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The USGS is highlighting and celebrating the contributions of exemplary Scientists Emeriti, and among them is New Jersey’s own Thomas Imbrigiotta.

Thomas Imbrigiotta prepares to deploy well sampling devices
A regenerated cellulose dialysis membrane (RCDM) passive sampler and a polyethylene diffusion bag (PDB) sampler being recovered from a well at Naval Base Ventura County, Port Hueneme, CA.

Of his 41+ years with the USGS, 34 of them have been with the New Jersey Water Science Center researching water quality issues on the fate, transport, and remediation of ground water contaminants in various aquifers.

Over his career, he has been instrumental in developing techniques, procedures and sampling methods used throughout the USGS, published numerous reports and mentored junior scientists.  Tom is passionate about volunteering and for the last 24 years he has been heavily involved with an organization that shelters abused and runaway teenagers.  Thank you, Tom, for being an outstanding role model and mentor!

This is only a synopsis of his work and contributions, to hear it all in his own words …

Get to Know a Scientist Emeritus - Thomas Imbrigiotta


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